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1. Have a listen to our station to see if your music will be a match.. We do play all Genres.
2. We do not accept submissions thru social media post or direct messages.  NO WAV FILES

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Mp3s ONLY with meta tagged with all artist/song info with album art included on mp3 along with ISRC Code, We recommend that you place all codes on your metadata


We pay ROYALITIES so these codes are required so that you get paid. 

DO NOT send wetransfer or google drive. Do not use all Caps or Media  in your metatags. Be sure to fill out the appropriate tags. 

4. Please include your album art in addition separately for our scheduling system and this should be exactly done to a  1200 × 1200 pixel

5. Let us know your socials as well as Spotify link and YouTube Channel.

6. You can submit your entire album and we will have a listen and add those tracks that are a fit for the Station. In some instances we may pick your entire album 

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1. Bedrokk - Angels or Demons 

2. My Kind of Chaos - Calm Down   Karen 

3. Mikalyn - I Love You Too Much 

4. Shimmer Johnson - Priceless  

5. Malevolent Rejects - Alive 

6. Portobello Express  - You Cry 

7. Russ Lacasse  - Mama Knows 

8. Hardland - Rise and Shine 

9. Jessie Lynn - Set It On Fire

10. Aldo Rox -  Like an Angel

11. Faith Head - Prodigal Road

12. Luna Scott Russell - Take Me Home

13. Riff Reign - I Keep Movin'

14. The  Popravinas - Do The Creep 

15. Floor Model - Hurry Up 

16. Brass Monkey - Going Nowhere 

17. Hermanos - Sliding Lights 

18. Grunge Norris & The Slackers -  Unholy Jane 

19. Blacklist Union - Alive and Well Smack in the Middle of Hell

20. Gary Pratt  -  A Song You Can Drink A Beer To

21. Unite States Project - Hey, America is Burning 

22. Crossbones Creed - Water is High

23. DRES_  - Just A Thought

24. Thunder Rising  -  Rock from the Sky

25. Ghost of Sunset - Puzzled Heart 

26. Hellz Abyss  - Trouble 

27. Bob Dee with Petro - Baby

28. Morningside Lane  - Glass Skin

29. Todd Barrow - West Texas Wind 

30. Timothy Judson Taylor - My Woman

31.  -Cobalto+ - Shine

32. Cormada - The Power of Rock N Roll

33. Beck Black - Puppet Show

34. The Petal Falls - Have A Little Faith

35, Rivertown - Since You've Been Gone

36. All Very Tall - Ghosts

37. Underdog - Everything I can 

38. Hunter Lott - Drag You Down 

39. Frank Palangi  - Fire of Love

40. SZABOTAGE  - Joyride

41.  Perceived  - Not to Be

42. Kristian Montgomery - Come Carry Weight with Me

43, Mojave Grey - Thunderbird

44. Chris Sunfield - Don't Kill Me

45 .Left of the Slash- Feel Me

46. The Utopiates - Best and Worst Days 

47. R3VO - Fireflies

48. Red Hearted Vibrations - White Water

49, Malcolm Brickhouse - Caroline

50. The Whythouse - You & Me

51.  Royal Hunt - Left in the Wind

52. The Eddie T. Band  - Interstate Outlaw