12 Pavilion are an explosive three-piece modern metal outfit from Leeds UK, residing between the midlands and the north of England. A collection of angsty, bouncy riffs, Post Malone-esq verses, and emotional, memorable choruses give their music a motivating vibe and a relatable feel. From touring together in previous bands, members Shiney Lingwood (vocals), Dan Burridge (guitar) and Brad Ransome (drums) built a bond on foundations of passion for heavy music and creating memorable moments with crowds, up and down the country. After a brief stint of working together in Deadset Dream in late 2019, it became apparent that the bands chemistry had just conjured up a new sound, a new image and rightfully, a new project. 2 and a half years later, from the darkness of a long, concerning and industry destroying pandemic, inspired and motivated by a mixture of government lies, heavy metal and Post Malone, 12 Pavilion was born.  

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