Airport Impressions are a 4-piece band formed in 2008 and without a doubt one of the most successful acts to emerge from Malta (Europe).
Their sound sits comfortably between The Killers, Kings of Leon, and Mumford and Sons. Their music is inspired by rock, pop and folk. Their songs are filled with passion, a uplifting sound and powerful melodies. Most important, the band has the ability to deliver anthemic, U2esque chants while engaging stadium crowds everywhere. A band who loves to play for 200 people or rock out a crowd of 60K as they did as winners of MTV-Battle of the Band and performed of MTV- Isle of MTV Malta.
Starting out as a duo in search of new musical experiences, Errol Sammut and Johann Schembri’s six-month stay in the Emerald Isle back in 2005 proved to be an important step in their journey. Apart from consolidating their love of Irish music, it also ignited a new spark in the way they went about writing songs, even if they might not have been fully aware of it at the time. Those ingrained influences gradually surfaced to more prominence as the band grew into a four-piece and explored new sounds, with bassist Chris Curmi and drummer Steve Farrugia’s roles proving essential in helping the band find the right balance and direction.

Their album Mariette perfectly captures the band’s musical journey to date; its twelve songs reflecting a versatility that has evolved over the years. Embracing pop and rock as much as it does country and indie folk, its songs blend all of these elements to find their own place on this record.
It may be a cliché, but there really is a particular chemistry within this band.
A connection that goes beyond just making music that has been a major catalyst in singling out the defining characteristics that their music bears. Their passion, their energy and their knack for powerful melodies are equally evident in their live performances, whether at home or abroad. In the past two years, the band has undergone certain changes, where Daniel Genuis has joined as the band’s new bass player/backing vocalist, Ryan Magro as lead guitarist and Daryl Curmi as band’s drummer and recording percussionist. As always besides the song writing and working in the studio, playing to a live audience.Favoured by the band even more than working in the studio, playing to a live audience is where it all comes together for Airport Impressions; the stage being that special place where the band can express more than the songs could ever tell.

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