Short Bio: What would the journey to the center of the universe be like? How could you describe the dark oblivion of the space void dotted with crystals of remote icy stars? Of course, with rollicking space rock that from the first notes fills the entire space. Unearthly vocals that break down in a rush of emotions followed with an insane number of instruments that will be enough for an entire orchestra - guitar chords and murmuring of piano is augmented with roulades of kalimba, tranquil sounds of hang pan and the squawks of theremin. Every instrument is just in its place and enriches the sound making it voluminous. You are spinning in a musical whirlwind that has caught you up and follow the storyline told by Andrea Pizzo and his band. Starting with taking off from the Earth and hanging up a little in the Solar system you aspire to uncharted depths of the Universe traveling through space and time. And the vocals (of Andrea by himself, residents of the band and invited guests) sound cosmic. “Pale Blue Dot” - this ballad will make you freeze in amazement and hook you with its catchy melody. And “Jupiter And the Galilean Moons” is a hymn to the velvet darkness of the universe where in the shadow of Jupiter's greatness, its moons shine dimly. You feel their loneliness in every sound of this majestic melody. Dive into the eternal journey of “Pale Blue Dot” to the infinity of space, find answers to the eternal questions between catchy tunes and flying asteroids. Get ready, the countdown is on.
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