Broken Side, formed in early 2020, consists of members Jesse Thacker (Guitar/Main Vocals), Jonathan Crawford (Guitar / Backing Vocals), John Wiest (Guitar / Backing Vocals), Skylar Gratz (Bass), and Justin Myers (Drums). An eclectic group with a mashup of rock / metal backgrounds and influences. Broken Side is a melodic layering of heavy guitar tones, rhythmic bass lines, and hard-hitting drums which is growing organically into its own genre of ear catching rock. Their second EP release, Titled Fathom, is a very -true to form- example of the band's talent.
 Broken Side is known in the East TN region for their no nonsense and mood driven stage presence, they are about the music and the audiences feel that connection. Opening for national acts: Destrophy, Saving Able, Saliva, Puddle of Mudd, and Drowning Pool, Broken Side is setting themselves apart in the local scene as the professional "go to" for a great rock show.

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