The band formed in early 2014 in Sochi (Russia). In 2016, the band presents to public the first official record – an anthem of the local biker club “Adrenaline Hunters MC motorcycle club”. In the same 2016, the band cooperates with a participant of the "Voice" project (France, Russia, Ukraine, Belgium) Pierre Edel. In the same year, the band releases the first English-language single called My Way.
In August 2020, the band released the first LP called Troublemaker. Previously the band released the first official music video on a track called Hole.
In September 2020, the band released new digital single My Fairy Queen.
In October 2020 released official music video on See You Again (from Troublemaker).
In April 2021 released single Unexpected Feeling.
In May 2021 released single Border.
In June 2021 released single Big Gun.
New album will be released in 2022. In June 2022 the band will perform at the Russian Metal Open Air — Big Gun

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