Cuddle Riot brings 100% rock, but also 100% FUN! You might look at these guys and say to yourself, man, these guys can hardly even dress themselves! Yeah, but this ain't no runway show... This is in your face American rock with a twist, a genre-bending extravaganza that might be something like your wildest dreams of eating chocolate covered chicken while riding waves with your opposable thumbs inverted!

Cuddle Riot brings a smart mix of rock/alt/punk/grunge music styles and genres to the stage, and pleases crowds with hip-shaking, dance-inducing, go ahead and play-your-air-guitar rhythms and melodies that even YOUR generation can appreciate. Yes. Even YOURS!

Like the windy city, CR will blow you over with inspired vocals, searing guitars, thumping bass, and heart pounding drums! For bookings and info, please visit our Facebook page, link above on this page.

Meet the Band!

Cuddle Riot plays hot rock n' roll straight out of Chicago!

Sam Haas - Drums

James Page - Guitar

Arturo Mar - Vox

Charles Cycholl - Bass


Arturo Mar - Vocals/Guitar

Arturo Mar grew up in Logan Square, a westside Chicago neighborhood, and has been rocking crowds as Cuddle Riot for over a decade. Arturo is known for his exciting, charismatic, and electrifying performances, and is sure to leave you breathless! Despite his rugged exterior, you might find Arturo shedding tears to The Notebook, saving bees from drowning in the pool, or perhaps just shoveling neighbors' driveways for kicks. Arturo is also an avid lover of cats, owning two stalwart beasts.

James Page - Guitar

Maybe you think you have already heard of James Page? James is living proof that lightning DEFINITELY STRIKES TWICE! Or in James' case, his pick strikes his guitar with the power of lighting, a heart of fire, and the will of 'All-Father Odin' himself! James personifies blazing guitar sounds, and is doused with a flair for seamlessly inserting old-school riffs, yet smartly cultivates a richly updated sound with ultra-cutting edge modern sensibilities ... is he the next GOD OF GUITAR ROCK?!? Yep.

Charlie Cychs - Bass

Come on now, tis' the bassist for Cuddle Riot, Charlie Cychs. Thunderous, grindy, punch-your-buddy-in-the-arm rumble. Gettin' low, so low you just might crap your pants from the punchy swirl that backs the best unsigned band in the biz! Wear your Depends, or GTFO! Fun facts: Cychs might be found any given day mediating tussles at the local nursing home, playing dominoes in Humboldt Park, signaling victory with a windmill slam, or maybe just peacefully playing Song Quiz with his daughter.

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