Gabriel is an international, internet-based collaboration between singer/songwriter Sally Elsey from England, and guitarist/producer Albert Vinasco, an American musician now living in Argentina.
Formed in April of 2009, Sally and Albert met via their online participation in the musician community site, Broadjam. Although separated by thousands of miles and the vast Atlantic Ocean, both musicians had common musical roots and influences. Both spent their early years listening to The Beatles and then branching into broader progressive rock and early metal bands such as Led Zeppelin, Yes, Queen, Focus, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath.
Early on, Sally and Albert sought to pay tribute to these great bands while bringing their own unique style of composition and arrangement to the genres of progressive rock and metal music. Together, Sally and Albert, combine their highly melodic approaches to create music that is both sweet and powerful, with lush vocal and guitar harmonies, dynamic approaches to rhythm, and innovative melodies.
Gabriel released their self-titled debut album “GABRIEL” in November of 2009. This has since been followed by six more albums “REQUIEM AETERNAM”, “FOR THEE I PRAY”, “DIVINE INTERVENTION”, ”UNFORGIVEN”, “SACRIFICE” and “SE7EN SINS”, plus a compilation album “ASMODEUS”
All music is written, recorded and produced by Gabriel. Guitars, bass guitars and synths (including drum programming) are played by Albert, and piano, synths and all vocals are performed by Sally.
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