Release Date: April the 3th, 2022
FFO: Katatonia, Paradise Lost, Unto Others
Location: Germany, Bavaria, city: Erlangen
Jiri wrote and recorded the guitar and bass parts, wrote the lyrics and recorded a couple guitar solos. His friend Günther Fölger from the guitar school was a great help with the vocal lines and harmonies and a guitar solo for the song called "I failed you".
Eric Wunderlich, the drummer, recorded six songs for the album and Jiri got in touch with a singer named Eric Castiglia ( and Widek (, who mixed & mastered the tracks.
There were also a couple hosting musicians like for example the solo guitarists Michael Hell (a guitar solo in the song titled "As you roam") and Martin Mühling ("White plague" and "For all men" guitar solos).
9 Songs have been released under the label of Turtle Records ( The music went public on many streaming services at the end of March 2022.
On April the 3th an EP called "Legends of Kattegat" containing 4 songs has been released. Tomas Baptista and Eric Castiglia has been invited as the singers.

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