Founded in 2014 with members from Japan, Germany & Switzerland the band has released one full-length album, 3 EPs and several singles in their career.
Their biggest achievements include performances at Loud Park Japan 2016, Countdown Japan 2015 & 2 Headliner European Tours with performances in more than 10 countries. They have featured amazing artists from around the world like the Russian progressive metal band SHREZZERS & the German/Japanese Hip-Hop artist Blumio and have now started work on their next EP as an independent artist which is planned for release in 2022. The first single from this record called "The Recovery" was released on March 13th, 2021. It is followed by the second single "Into The Unknown" on January 22, 2022.
Regarding their style of music, they fuse stylistic elements of metalcore with tasteful industrial and progressive electronic arrangements. Having two vocalists, one for clean singing and one for shouts, they like to play off the contrast of heavy & melodic dynamics. You can expect low-tuned heavy guitar riffs, soaring choruses and soul-crushing breakdowns but never a lack of catchy melodies.

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