CIMIRRON/RAINBIRD RECORDING ARTIST ‘Soulful’ ‘pure’ ‘haunting’ – these words are clichés often heaped upon the works of acoustic instrumentalists, but in the performance of Baltimore’s Jimmy Stewart they ring beautifully true. Watching Jimmy curl around the body of his customized acoustic guitar, knowing smile on his face, fingers prowling up and down the fretboard, you feel that you are in the presence of something sublime – a music so urgently alive, it eagerly escapes to wander the world. Through a love of simplicity and exquisite attention to detail, Jimmy’s music has no need to FILL space - it EXPLORES it.– rob Hinkal (Focus Music, Takoma Park Folk Festival, ilyAIMY)
Jimmy Stewart grew up on the waters of Tampa Bay, FL and continued his exploration of the waters of the world through 21 years in the US Navy. As a submariner he learned about the precision of the machine and the chaos of the ocean and how the two interacted – and you can hear that in the music that he plays. Jimmy understands that a piece isn’t simply fingers on strings – but the sum of experience, wood, time, electronics – even the air between the performer and the audience - this space has become his playground. His pieces sweep from broad, atmospheric tonal landscapes to intricate, arpeggiated runs, viscerally conjuring the natural scenery that inspires so much of his music.Though the Navy showed him the world, from Scotland to Japan, Alaska to Hawaii, Jimmy has happily settled in Baltimore, MD where he now works quietly crafting his music. He feels most at home in nature next to warm campfire, and is that rarest of all things – a true optimist.

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