Loss is formed by: Marcelo Loss – vocals and bass; Adriano Avelar - guitar and vocals and Teddy Bronsk - drums. And They's now releasing his first full-length album through DyMM P&M. The band's sound is a rock that refers to the classics but with modern references, flirting with different musical styles. Marcelo's heavy vocals and striking bass, added to Adriano's precise guitar and Teddy's consistent drums, give rise to a unique sound that takes us back to the origins of the style, but brings a breath of modernity to rock. The band released their first EP at the end of 2020, entitled Let's Go, with 4 original tracks.
The EP was recorded in Belo Horizonte MG at the Riff studio, mixing and mastering by the renowned Danish producer Tue Madsen, who has in his curriculum works with artists such as Rob Halford, Meshuggah, Vader, Sick Of It All, Behemoth, Dark Tranquility and Kataklysm . The first single from the EP, the track Burn Inside, had its video clip released on national network by the TV show Alto Falante in November 2020. The second video clip, Until Quando, was released in April 2021 by the same program.
In just over a year of formation, the band had its music published on websites and programs in 25 countries, such as Brazil, Spain, Ireland, England, Portugal, Japan, United States, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guatemala , Venezuela, Cuba, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Bolivia. Marcelo Loss was the founder of the band Concreto, with which he recorded 7 albums and 2 DVDs. The band's last album was released in 2019 and featured drums recorded by Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, DIO) . With the band and other projects, he has performed all over the country, as well as cities like Los Angeles, NYC, London, Dublin and Beijing. Adriano Avelar was the vocalist and guitarist of the band Caxakustica, with whom he recorded an album in 2002. He also has recordings and participations alongside various artists, ranging from composers such as Marku Ribas and Klinger, to rappers such as Xis, Deleve, Thales Dusares and former Planet Hemp Speed Freaks . Teddy Bronsk was the founder of the legendary band Witchhammer , one of the pioneers of national metal in the 80's. With the band he released 4 albums. In 2008 he joined the band Concreto with which he recorded 2 albums and 2 DVDs.
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