Back in 2018. Montivagus project was brought to life by the multi-instrumentalist metal music producer Akos Fazekas. The first EP came out in the same year, titled „Through Lonely Landscapes”, After that Akos focused on writing new themes after long walks in the mountains. In 2019 the first full length album „Desolate places” saw the light of day. For the album’s opening song titled „Discarded burden” a professional videoclip was shot and received a lot of very good critique from the underground metal community.
The newest EP titled „The Red Triangle Route I.” is not just another Mini album with four tracks. It’s also a part of a series, that’s why the number „1” in the title. These episodes will fly you away in the deep and mystical mood of the eastern forests of the Alps, where all your inner thoughts and hidden feelings will become real. Explore the red triangle route for yourself!

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