Noisecult release the third video for the song “Psycho Cerebral Manipulation” . The song is the opening track from their Metal Assault Records January 2022 release “Seraphic Wizard”. A full throttle cut packed with heavy chugging riffs, a searing guitar solo, a punch to the throat chorus and some of the most powerful attacking drums featured on “Seraphic Wizard”.
Says lead vocalist Mike Liffick about “Psycho Cerebral Manipulation”, “We really wanted to come out of the speakers swinging with our opening number, and I think we did what we set out to achieve”. Adds guitarist Don Carr, “Hearing the drums parts Patrick (Nickell) created to kick off the song, then the breaks in the middle really blew us away, we knew we had to feature “Psycho Cerebral Manipulation” as the opening number and to welcome Patrick to his first studio recording with Noisecult by kicking off the album with his drum opening".
Carr breaks down the song and inspiration behind the lyrical theme. “ It came together from Patrick and me jamming on some chords I had loosely structured that ended up being the chorus and verse riffs. We had Sean come in and add his ideas to structure the song and help arrange what we had started. The middle section was this interesting descending inverted chord progression I had for years but could never find the right song to add it into”.
Bassist Sean Kay says, “We tried Don’s chords and they completely fit the vibe on the breakdown, then we added two other opposing parts: a walking bass line and power chord driven second guitar that made it more trippy then we had originally envisioned”.
Carr continues “lyrically “Psycho Cerebral Manipulation” came from two things, an old 1950’s television station sign off that had subliminal messages buried into the frames, real or not it was freaky, and then the John Carpenter movie “They Live”. Basically mind and population manipulation through subliminal messaging. I wrote the bulk of the lyrics and had Mike give them a look over to see what fit vocally within the verse and chorus parts we wrote musically and add what he felt it needed but keeping the theme”.
“For a song just over 4 minutes, it really has a dynamic feel to it with all the changes and elements. A real push and pull in the verse chorus and some unexpected twists in the middle. I really like with how this came out and happy it was voted as the opening song of “Seraphic Wizard” States drummer Patrick Nickell.
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