The new single 'Sisters' is pMad’s take on those we love, gone too soon. They don't go away very far, they walk beside us every day..... having left such an impression on us! They are still loved, still missed and a very important influence on our lives.

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"a colossal & passionate alternative dark brooding alt rock, masterpiece, blends, crashing guitars pounding drums, stirring vocals, with a controlled intense passion that builds beautifully. " A1M Records
“If this was 1985 and Microdisney met The The in London. And they decided they could make some music together. And they did and they made a record.
If... if they did, it might just sound like the inspired new music from pMad.” – The Daily Earworm
“If The Cult and The Mission had a child this is what it would sound like. This is a fantastic debut single with an absolutely great melody and vocals to match. If you are looking for something new yet still with that old school goth then here you go this is the one for you.” – VK Online Music News - Darker Side Of Music
“A lot of new music is cold and sterile and lacking honesty but the new pMad single “Sisters” is without doubt heartfelt, sincere and absolutely inspirational.” The Best of Irish Indie
Paul Dillon from Portumna, Co. Galway in Ireland is solo artist named pMad. Following a path of introspection with a unique view of the world & what we are doing to ourselves and the planet. The special thing is Paul in bands The Suicidal Dufflecoats to The Greeting & now pMad, records ‘Sisters’ in the middle of a pandemic and it is created in Ireland (self-released on Zedakube Records), in collaboration with Germany (Protonaut Studio) & Mexico (Elith Mastering Labs) without ever being in the same room together.

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