Postindustrial Poets
After years of cutting their teeth playing blues and cover songs, this bunch of Luxembourg-based Brits started recording their own material in 2019. The first release from Postindustrial Poets came in April 2020 – an upbeat number that showed their blues influences – “Down by the Docks (listening to rhythm and blues)”. Their third single “I was in two minds” began to find them a larger audience. Pete – songwriter and guitarist – describes it as “an attempt to write a Motown vocal group song, and to record it as if we were in Muscle Shoals”. They followed this up with a three track release. The most successful track here was “I gave you my disease” featuring a dance beat, a powerful vocal, and witty lyrics, while one of the accompanying tracks “(Thinking ´bout) Brian Jones” won radio play for the searing slide guitar work. “Girl on a horse” saw the Poets explore their love of country music on an acoustic number. They finished 2020 with a return to blues influences, this time with a chilled, late-night vibes number, featuring a soulful interplay between guitar and organ.Next up from Postindustrial Poets? A Spanish version of their latest release (That´s when you blew my mind). And talk of an album this summer.

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