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Quzarra is a nu-metal/alternative band , founded by Pavel Kogan(vocal)and Dan Sverdlik(bass) in 2020. A guitar player Sergey Leleev join the band during the recordinds of their first single "The Song of Lust" and took a part as a guitar player and producer for the second release "Neglected Kids" It was an alternative rock period of the band. After his leaving the band two new members join us : Summer Hafaga(guitar)and Giorgi Kurtanidze(drums). The period with that line-up was very busy for a band. We played a lot of gigs, and took a part in the local metal fest. In May 2022 these guys left the band but immediately two very talented guys came to us. Ivan Alexandrov (guitar) and Alex Zaitsev (drums). The style became much more heavier and we reached the sound , you can hear now.

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