You deserve to feel great! That's why we wrote "Main Street Roll" – a song about just feeling great and being happy. Whether you're driving in your fast car or just hanging out with friends, this upbeat track will make you feel good. Rex Isle Beat was born from the minds of two best friends, Mattias and Joakim. They both shared a love for music and wanted to create something that would get people moving. And that's exactly what they did! Their infectious rock n' roll vibes got people up and dancing, and they loved every minute of it!Their songs were full of life and energy, and it was clear that they loved what they were doing. People could feel the passion in their music, and it was impossible not to get swept up in it. They played gigs all over town, and everyone had a blast dancing along to their tunes. Mattias and Joakim were living the dream, and they knew it. They had created something truly special! Rex Isle Beat is a new band on the scene, and they're looking to make a big impact. They've got the rock n roll attitude down pat, and their grooves are sure to get people moving on the dance floor. 
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