The Escapist Music is a solo artist from Montreal. He is a singer, songwriter and producer. His real name us Arnaud Dagenais, The Escapist Music released three official singles in 2014, 2016 and 2020 and all were independently released, "Love Like Gravity", "All I Need" and "Violence" were acclaimed by his music fans.

Arnaud is also involved in his Montreal community since 2007. He volunteered into youth organizations, participated in festival organizations
and has represented marginalized youth by working as a community worker and joining the creation of seminars and events. The music work of the artist is also directly reflected into his community work. Inside and out of his career as a community worker, Arnaud is also helping young artists to connect with their creativity. Through education, empowerment and production, he is helping young artists with their own careers.

Since 2010, The Escapist Music performed more than 150 concerts across eastern Canada. In 2020, "Violence" was released as a new single. A music video for the song followed later in the year. Arnaud will continue to record music, collaborate, play concerts and reach more people in the future.

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