Formed after a chance meeting in an unlikely town and location, a set list of songs to cover was drawn up with extremely blurred genre boundaries. Tone Locked was born.
A mix of Rock, Americana and alternative influences.
We play songs we can have fun with, from many different genres and eras, making for a very entertaining show. This mix of styles can be heard in our original tracks, coming together to create the sound that is Tone Locked.
Gigging every weekend across the Midlands, catering our sound to play in any venue from cafés to rock venues, weddings to festivals.
Our first EP Should Have Stayed On The Bus is out now on all music platforms, with CD's available at gigs. The videos for Cause I'm Paranoid and Taxi For The Band, and the lyric video for Times no Friend, can be found on YouTube.
The EP can also be heard regularly on several radio stations around the world.
January 2020 saw us start the year with some amazing gigs, including a trip to Greater Manchester....but then a rot started to set in, there was a lack of creation, a lack of passion, and a feeling of doom generally, and it wasn't just cos we are after the Nuneaton gig on the 7th of March we decided to call it a day, certainly from playing live, possibly completely, the taxi was called for the band...little did we know the feeling of doom was very real...and as the world changed we found ourselves with time on our hands, and as we know time's no friend, and a need to do something, a kind of finish what we started kind of thing....enter LockedDown...We recorded 5 new songs during the lockdown, Gone South, Between The Keys, The Distance, Damp and Not Today. All of which can be found on music platforms and the videos on YouTube, and heard on awesome radio stations....Follow us on Spotify

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