VUOLA is a psychedelic rock project of a Finnish drummer, producer and studio manager Jussi Vuola. In his music there's a shimmer in darkness, a touch in space, beauty in distortion and aspiration in despair. A history of growing with Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and the like is being shaped with low tunings, vibration and chanting on his concept album, based both on geometrics and syntax. The anticipated, esoteric, heavy hitting album "Alouv" is coming out in spring 2022. Jussi Vuola has played drums since his teenage years in a variety of acts, including the Finnish bands The Grammers, Mystons, Willie & The Goodsouls and Achiote, to name a few. In 2010 he put together an analog recording studio in Turku, Finland that has become a home for a lot ofacts. Hundreds of gigs around the globe, tens of albums he has played on, and hundreds of releases he has taken part of production on, have shaped him to the person he is today. Over the years, it became clear it was time for him to make a move downstage. In 2022, he is leading a talented five-piece under his own name to venues, with himself on vocals & guitar.

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Support the artist on Bandcamp! proceeds of the album will be donated to the victims of the Ukraine war during year 2022 via Unicef. The first single is now available, ahead of commercial release, on Bandcamp for the amount of your choice.

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