A single shaft of sunlight breaking through a still, silent marshland. A sinister, rumbling guitar murmuring like tumbleweed across a vast, empty landscape. A heavy fog blanketing the visible world. A wild howl in the night.

The new, self-titled album from Wraithfinder, the brainchild of Louisiana-born, Nashville-based musician Jono Lane and featuring vocals from Camden Perez, reaches out from the depths and grabs the listener for a searing, honest exploration of modern-day grief.

On Wraithfinder, the listener will hear a wide range of sounds. Meditative, shimmering guitar licks give way to rattling, shoegaze walls of sound; pounding death metal assaults drop at a moment’s notice into the searching notes of a single, somber piano. In this way, the album reflects our all-encompassing lives in the 21st Century. I am all of these things, the songs say. I am filled with rage, I am depressed, I am anxious, I am nervous, I am melancholy, I am looking for glimmers of hope.

Reflections on the dark sides of existence comprise the dominant mood of Wraithfinder, but to label it simply a “sad” or “depressing” album is to limit its bigness. The layers upon layers of musical and lyrical depth in the album ask you to consider life the very same way: in layers of sound and feeling and meaning.
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