**** You are required to subscribe to our YouTube Channel*******

1. Have a listen to our station to see if your music will be a match.. We do play all Genres.
2. We do not accept submissions thru social media post or direct messages.  NO WAV FILES

3. All music must be tagged and sent as follows:

Mp3s ONLY with meta tagged with all artist/song info with album art included on mp3 along with ISRC Code, We recommend that you place all codes on your metadata


DO NOT send wetransfer or google drive. Do not use all Caps or Media  in your metatags. Be sure to fill out the appropriate tags. 

4. Please include your album art in addition separately for our scheduling system and this should be exactly done to a  1200 × 1200 pixel

5. Let us know your socials as well as Spotify link and YouTube Channel.

6. You can submit your entire album and we will have a listen and add those tracks that are a fit for the Station. In some instances we may pick your entire album 

7. You are required to subscribe to our Channel because we will have a Radio Channel on YouTube so you have to subscribe to be eligible for any benefits. Click our video at the end for easy access to the channel or click here

8. Email to

Ben Davison 

Program Director